Friday, January 28, 2011

5. Body Part

I used my ear for a picture of a body part, I used picnik. To edit this photo I used cross process and the focal black and white for the effects.

4. Tired

I used this picture for tired because we are all sleepy kitties.  I used picnik to edit this photo and how i edited it I used HDR-ish and i also used the cinemascope effect.

34. Friend

I picked this picture for friend because ERIKA LYNN is my friend! and i used picnik to edit it. I cropped this photo, and I changed the temp. and exposure on this to make it warmer.

33. Color

I took this picture of markers because what better way to show color then actual colors. I used picnik to edit this, and how I edited it i cropped it and used the effect vignette.

25. Laughter

I used this picture for laughter cause Erika Lynn and I were taking pictures during photography class, and we were laughing at ourselves. I used picnik. I cropped this photo, changed the exposure, and I used the effect boost.

30. Art

I took this picture of a  painting i did in art, and i edited it using picnik. I used the HDR-ish effect and also changed the exposure a little bit.

32. Eye

My eye it is.I took this picture using photobooth on the schools computers. To edit i used picnik and i cropped the photo, sharpened it, increase the exposure, and used the effect lomo-ish.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

11. Mother

I took this picture this summer of my aunt and cousin. A 3 year generation picture! I edited this picture by using lomoish for an effect and brightening it up a bit with the exposure. I also cropped out the back a little bit. I used picnik.

31. Smile

This is a picture of my baby sister I chose it for smile, because shes got a big smile on her face. She loves the outdoors. I edited this picture by changing the temp. a lot and changing the exposure very little making it soft. I used picnik.

1. newness

I took this picture of my baby cousin Savannah Noel. She's about 1 month old and I thought it was a perfect example of something new. I edited this picture by making the background darker and using soft touch up in for an effect. i used picnik.

20. Family

This is a picture of my family. We took it using self timer. I like it because you can tell by looking at it that we're a family. I used the gritty effect on Picnik to edit this picture!


I took this picture of Mya swinging, for the word swing because i think it captures it well and how she's having fun. I rotated this picture on picnik but it sometimes works, but not this time i guess. I enhanced this picture with changing the temp. and the exposure making it brighter. I used picnik.